Just 1 of a series from

The show “Mister Venus”.

Words by Norman Newell  &

Music by Trevor H.Stanford &

Norman Newell. Contains:

Love Like Ours, In The Spring,

Every Little Minute, Time To

Celebrate, It’s Been Fun, Song

& Dance Man, & Love, Love, Love.

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Above & Top Right:,  Alternate front covers of  Side Saddle, Roulette & China Tea. All composed by Trevor H Stanford.

Each priced at 2/- but this copy of China Tea was subject to a 6d increase. Peeling back the sticker, it clearly states

Two  bob underneath it. !    This price rigging still goes on in shops today.

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“Toast of the Town” composed

by Trevor H.Stanford. Featured,

but never recorded by Russ Conway.

Click here to view a video clip of

Mike Thomson and his version

of how Russ may have played this.

“Celebration Day” composed by

Steve Race & Norman Newell.

“Gigilo” composed by Tito Manlio

& Nino Oliviero.

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”18th Century Rock” composed  

by Jimmy Leach, Alan Roper & John Ross.

“Pixilated Penguin”

composed by

Michael Carr


composed by Geoff Love

“Royal Event” composed by

Trevor H Stanford

“The Wee Boy of Brussels” composed  by

Charles Aznavour

“The Red Cat” composed by

Dick Hyman, Larry Fotine

& Frank Stanton.

A section highlighting some of  Trevor H  Stanford’s many compositions

Sheet Music(Continued).