Lita Roza, whom Trevor Stanford  accompanied at the Finsbury Park  Empire in 1956, has died.

Lita passed away on 14th August 2008 aged 82

Trevor H. Stanford & Norman Newell wrote “No Time For Tears” for Lita in 1956

Please take a moment to visit Lita’s Web Site, accessible from this sites “Interesting Links” page.



The society was formed in 2001, by Bill Murden, after the original Fan Club closed following Russ’s death.

Many fans expressed a desire to be able to still keep in touch with other members, obtain missing recordings

 for collections, and to learn more of the Russ Conway story. Since the society’s conception, Bill has provided to

members from all corners of the world, periodic newsletters packed full of information, including reviews of

recordings, sheet music, concerts, letters from members, and anything else relevant to Russ Conway.  

In addition to this, Bill has organised three successful open days, and has been most active in  pursuing the

release of  additional Russ Conway music on CD.


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Chapter One  CMS1005

17 Tracks

Released 2006

 The entire Chapter One Catalogue is now  re-issued on CD.

Sleeve notes by Bill Murden.

Play a sampler from this album on the Gramophone

Play a sampler from this album on the Gramophone

Play a sampler from this album on the Gramophone

Play a sampler from this album on the Gramophone









Released in 2004 as part of EMI’s  60s 2on1 Series

7243 4 73270 2 5

Contains 2 LP’s

Concerto For Lovers


The Album Sleeves are reproduced in full within the CD Booklet

“The Russ Conway Collection”

Sanctuary/Pulse  PDS CD 571

Released 2003

2 CD’s

A Complete Anthology Of Russ Conway’s Pye Recordings.

Sleeve Notes By Bill Murden

“Russ Conway plays Piano Pops”

EMI Gold  7243 5 82197 2 2

Released 2003

28 Tracks

Sleeve Notes By Mark Lovell


Just recently, a 10” x 8” black & white autographed  publicity photograph of Russ Conway

 was placed on auction site Ebay for sale.  The auction attracted 14 bids from 4 bidders and

resulted in a final sale price of £67.89 for the seller.



Yes,  Side Saddle was 50 in 2009. The release of this toe tapping tune in February 1959, composed

under his own name of T H. Stanford, launched Russ Conway to stardom and Number 1 in the

Record & Sheet Music charts,  paving the way for other hits including Roulette, China Tea

and Snow Coach.  Instantly, he became a household name, a sensation on Record, TV, Radio and in  

public appearances that took Russ to many parts of the world.   Side Saddle laid the foundations of

a successful career for Russ in Show Business which spanned over 40 years.  Even today, Side Saddle

remains a popular request for radio stations, and the track can often be found added to scores of

compilation discs that feature music from this era.  

A new group has recently been set up, where fans of Russ Conway can interact, make comments,

or ask questions about  practically anything related to our favourite pianist.

To access the group, log in or sign up to and search Russ Conway in the Groups section.

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February 2010.  T H Stanford’s composition “Royal Event” celebrates 50 years since it’s release.

Much history surrounds the release of this disc.  UK  production of the 78rpm record ceased with this

title, making it a popular and most sought after disc with record collectors worldwide..

“Royal Event” made headline news in the music papers of the day, but for all the wrong reasons.

Misunderstandings galore concerning a favour for a friend, and an old theatre.

Read  Bill Murden’s most interesting  account of what really happened here  or select the Royal Event

button from the home page menu.   


Keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman has paid tribute to Russ Conway, in a short film documenting Rick’s

childhood musical influences.   The film,  followed by an  interview with Rick was shown on BBC TV’s

“The One Show” on  25th February 2010.  Fans of Russ or Rick who missed the broadcast will be pleased

to know the film is now available to view again on You Tube by clicking the link below:

The One Show Tribute


A radio interview with Russ Conway is amongst a new CD release “John Hannam Archives Volume 1

that features 11 interviews with the Stars Of Yesteryear, including Tommy Cooper, Ronnie Hilton,

Adam Faith, John Mills  and other well known celebrities.  John broadcasts for Isle of Wight Radio, and

his show “John Hannam Meets” has become the longest running radio chat show in the country, popular

with listeners in many counties or through the stations on-line facility at

The CD is available to purchase now from where more details of this release

and John’s career in broadcasting and journalism can be found.

Tony Osbourne, the well known arranger and composer, whose orchestra featured many times on
some of Russ Conway’s most popular recordings, died on 1st March 2009 aged 86 in Sydney,
Australia, where he had lived for many years. Follow the link below to read more of Tony’s varied and
interesting musical career:
JASCD 182 is available now from good record shops, or by mail order direct from the JASMINE web site where further
details of this collection are displayed.
wpe6f62206.png wpe6f62206.png
Three of  Russ Conway’s most popular hits are amongst the latest CD release  from Jon England.  
The Hits And More…
Desert Island Discs
John Hannam Archives
Rick Wakeman
Royal Event
Side Saddle
Tony Osbourne
Russ Conway Group on Facebook
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We regret to announce the death of  Joan Regan, the popular fifties singer, who died aged 85 on September 12th 2013.

Joan shot to stardom in 1953 with her Decca Records release of  Teresa Brewer’s
hit song “Ricochet” and she continued recording and performing in theatres until
just a few years ago.   A young Trevor “Terry” Stanford accompanied Joan on the
piano before finding fame as Russ Conway, and the pair remained life long friends,
appearing together often until Russ’s last show in September 2000.

Joan talks fondly of  Russ in an  exclusive interview by Mike Thomson, and will
remain on this website as a lasting tribute to both Russ and Joan..

Especially for those who were unable to attend the Pelly Orchestra’s Christmas Concert on the 21st December 2013 in Fleet, Hampshire, where Mike Thomson performed Russ Conway’s festive hit “Snow Coach” with full orchestra, a newly released You Tube video records this moment. Enjoy.


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The Cd’s above, and many more of Russ Conway, are available for purchase direct from the society.

For Further Details, Write To (Enclosing an SAE)





LE8 4DL  


E-Mail the Society HERE



The Russ Conway Appreciation Society has held 3 Open Day’s for it’s members.

The Open Days have provided opportunities to meet other members, listen to rare recordings, view rare video

footage and experience Russ Conway’s music from the society’s resident pianist, Mike Thomson.

Above: A group photo of some members of the society’s first open day in 2003.
Courtesy of Mike Thomson.

To see video of Mike Thomson’s performance at the

2005 Open Day

Click the links below.

Above: Mark Lovell watches closely,

as Mike Thomson plays “The Red Cat” in true Russ Conway style

at the 2005 open day held at Blaby, near Leicester.


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